Sunshine Blogger Award #2

Hey guys,

This is my second sunshine blogger award. Thanks to Thebookworld20 for nominating me. Go check out her blog. She is awesome ❤

The Rules

-Thank the blogger who nominated you by linking their blog

-Answer the questions

-Nominate 11 blogs with 11 questions

-List the rules as well as display the Sunshine Award Logo on your post

Questions –

1.What is your favorite blog post you’ve ever written?

– Honestly, I don’t think I have a favourite blog post yet since I am relatively new. I am hoping to write awesome posts so that I could answer this question next time.

2. If you could bring any fictional object (weapon, clothing, food etc.) into the real world, what would it be?

– This question itself sounds so good. There are so many things that I would love to have but I think I would bring The Invisibility Cloak from Harry Potter. You can only imagine what I could do with it. *insert evil laughs*

3.Who is your favourite book character?

Argh, this is the hardest question ever. My favourite book character keeps changing with the books I read. There are too many. As of now, It’s Lemon Fresh from LIFEL1K3. The girl is so sassy and has an amazing sense of humor.

4.What is your favourite book genre?

– I am a versatile reader and enjoy every genre. But favourite? Don’t even get me started. It’s Fantasy all the way.

5.What are some of your hobbies?

I have my interests in many different things. I love dancing, singing, drawing, watching shows, blogging and reading books.

6. What is your favourite movie?

Again, there are quite a few. But I will go with The Harry Potter movies and LOTR movies. If you haven’t watched them, you need to watch it right now. Go!!

7.What do you think is the most important part of a book in order for you to love it?

There are few things that together makes a book 5 star read for me. But, I think the most important part is The Plot. Books with amazing plots blow my mind.

8.Who is your role model?

It’s my Father. I can write a whole book about him and how proud he makes me feel. ❤

9.What is your favourite holiday?

I love Holidays. Over and Out. End of the story. Goodbye.

10.Do you always read the book first before watching a book to movie adaptation?

I won’t say Always. But I definitely try to. It’s always good to read the books first ❤.

11.What is your favourite season?

I like moderate weather. I am not a big fan of Summer season so I guess I will go with Winter.

My questions –

1. What’s the best book you’ve ever read?

2. What’s the worst book you’ve ever read?

3. If you could be any fictional character for real. Whom would you be?

4. What’s your biggest pet peeve?

5. What’s your hobby?

6. What’s your dream job?

7. Who is your favourite author?

8. What’s your favourite genre?

9. How was your day today on the scale of 10?

10. What got you into reading?

11.What is your all time favourite TV Show?

Nominate –

(Eliza) (Justine) (Erica) (Merline) (Georgia) (Olag) (melani) (Bentley) (Peachy) (Kristina) (Vera) (Misty)

33 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award #2

  1. I am a winter person too. 🙂 And I love my dad to bits, I’m so happy you have such a great relationship with your dad as well. 🙂

    Congratulations and thank you for thinking of me, I really appreciate it. ❤

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  2. Ahh I loved reading your answers!! Thanks for answering them. Haha I totally agree with you for holidays, I just love all of them so much! Also, I like Winter too, it’s such a magical season. I also really love Fall! Ahh, the invisibility cloak sounds like a great thing to bring into the real world. And I’m glad you and your dad have a good relationship! Thanks again for answering these questions ♥️😊

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Great answers! It’s cute that your dad is your role model. 💖💖💖 I love that you’re not a winter hater too! I can get kind of tired of it after a while (mostly the trying to get to work in the storms) but, I love a good snowfall! Nothing like walking while big fluffy flakes are falling and then curling up in a warm house with a cozy book while everything outside is covered in snow. 💖💖

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